La nostra mission è quella di promuovere la diffusione di Internet riducendone al massimo i costi di ingresso senza sacrificare la qualità e offrendo gratuitamente tutti i servizi di base

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CWNET s.r.l. was founded in 2001 by a group of young businessmen, expert in both computer science and economic matters.
 The winning mix of operative competencies and the  solidity of the team, let the start-up...
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Thanks to open-source software solutions CWNET s.r.l. built a completely independent structure that permits an optimal management of the company.
 All the software has been developed ad-hoc...

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Products and services is the portal that CWNET s.r.l. uses to bring its services to the final user: with a simple registration the user gets an e-mail address and the possibility to connect to the Internet..logo cheapnet
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Associations and Consortia

CWNET s.r.l. always supported the collaboration and cooperation between all the Telecommunications ...

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Realizzazione del sito ad opera di CWNet s.r.l. basato sul tema di Maksimer